What is to stop the district from exceeding the dollar amount that is stated on the Bond Referendum?

The district does not have any money to build school buildings other than what is raised through the bond referendum. Put simply, the team understands that there is no additional money to use. It is in Johnson Controls and A&E's best interest to establish budgets that are realistic and that will not be exceeded, because at the end of the day, if the project goes over budget, the district does not have the money to spend. Although this is below the bonding capacity for the Elementary District, we are confident that the Elementary project amount is sufficient to cover our current needs.

The amounts identified in the bond are set and cannot be exceeded. The design and construction team has done extensive cost estimating to develop the project budgets based on their expertise and vast experience building similar projects in Montana and therefore they have built the project budgets around those numbers. In order to provide budget certainty, the team has allowances for unforeseen problems and for inflation. The bottom line is that the numbers cannot be exceeded without another vote of the public. The Design-Build contract ensures that our plan will be successfully completed within the amount listed on the bond referendum.

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