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Video Series: What's Going On At GPS? (11:19 min) #GPSCommunity #GPSService #DownloadOurApp

Glendive Public Schools

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From Transportation Dept: 10-15-19 bus 7 will not run this afternoon. Short on drivers

LES Dinos

LES Dinos , 10 days ago

From Principal Quick: Yesterday, October 8, was a “Good Day” for having unexpected positive tasks! LES had an unscheduled Emergency-Drill due to steam leaving the boiler, post-maintenance work. This maintenance crew is working all over the state to get all schools taken care of and ready for the cold winter. Thankfully, the boiler crew, in Montana, works overtime to meet the needs of the various districts around us. LES head custodian, Kenneth Reierson, diligently works to keep our school on top of services and we are thankful for his efforts. The LES maintenance work was completed by the boiler crew in a few hours. The boiler started up causing steam to rise as the boiler began to fire up after a long summer sitting idle! Think in terms of your tea kettle on the stove and you’re waiting for it to Whistle, but it doesn’t. So, you discover you forgot to put the small lid on the teapot so the steam stays in the kettle until it “Whistles!” In our case, the manhole-cap creates pressure to send warm air through our pipes to the classrooms. Instead, the steam escaped, exciting the steam sensor above the boiler which set off our alarm! We had a practice emergency drill set up for tomorrow, hence this one was particularly exciting and, the kids went out of the building perfectly and in record time! I recorded the drill as a “Tea-pot” drill.

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 10 days ago

Video Message from Mr. Schreibeis - Response to Bond Vote (5:36)

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 10 days ago

Results of the Bond Measure Vote view image

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